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Neuropathy Treatment offered in Sioux City, Iowa

At Neuropathy Relief of Siouxland, we are offering the most efficient and effective
science, technology, techniques, and treatment protocols known to this condition.
Additional to offering the best drugless and non-surgical neuropathy treatment, the
doctors are proudly providing the latest diagnostic capabilities to quantitively measure
the severity of your nerve damage. This in-turn creates a benchmark to measure
improvement throughout your care and helps determine the best course of treatment to
get true results.

Peripheral neuropathy is a complex disease that causes numbness, tingling, and pain in
the hands and feet. There are many possible causes, such as diabetes, chemotherapy,
or even infections.

The symptoms of neuropathy are commonly mistaken for other conditions such as
arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. If left untreated, these symptoms can lead to severe
nerve damage, which may cause permanent disability.

The physician’s proprietary protocols and technology utilized at Neuropathy Relief of
Siouxland, has successfully helped thousands of patients who have suffered from
peripheral neuropathy. Once the doctors have found the right peripheral neuropathy
treatment plan for your needs, our caring staff will work with you one-on-one throughout
your care to help bring you back to a life without any limitations!

How is Neuropathy Diagnosed?

Our team will first discuss your symptoms, medical history, and complaints before
conducting a 14-Point neuropathy examination. During the physical and neurological
exam your doctor will test your ability to feel different sensations, reflexes, balance and
coordination. A live image is created using Digital Thermography for blood flow along
with testing oxygen saturation and perfusion index. A Neurothesiometer to test vibration
perception threshold is utilized to test large fiber nerves along with Sensory Nerve
Conduction testing for small fiber assessment. Your doctor will also have an opportunity
to evaluate your perception to pain and temperature along with performing a clinical test
of sensory integration of balance if needed. All of this enables us the capability to
create a percentage of impairment and severity of your condition and allows us to
measure your degree of improvement throughout your care. If necessary additional

advanced diagnostics and labs may be ordered to confirm the diagnosis of sensory

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